CMB Computational Social Science team

DOI : 10.34847/nkl.dca007ki Hdl : 11280/a8f6f50d Public
Created on 3/17/20

The CMB Computational Social Science team gathers an interdisciplinary group of researchers within Centre Marc Bloch, a CNRS unit based in Berlin and affiliated, among others, with the Humboldt Universität. At the interface between social sciences and computational sciences, its members are either social scientists who are acquainted with formal and ICT methods, or computer scientists or modelers ...who have been working in social science fields.

Current research interests include the study of socio-semantic dynamics in various communities, notably those of the digital public space, by relying on methods borrowing both to ICT sociology, social network analysis, public sphere studies, on one side, and to system modeling, textual corpora analysis and NLP, and AI methods, on the other side.