Review of integration / inclusion policies and initiatives in Europe

ID : 10.34847/nkl.d3ac0hcp Public
Authors : Eunice Cascant, ORCID Noemie Dominguez, Catherine Mercier-Suissa, Patricia Loncle, Emmanuelle Maunaye, Fransez Poisson, Carles Simò-Noguera, Ana Sales-Ten, Daniel Millor, Jorge Velasco-Mengod, Alicia Banyuls-Millet, Alexandra Bousiou, Andrea Spehar, Chiara Pagano, ORCID Daniela Bolzani, ORCID Leonardo Corbo, ORCID Ivana Bolognesi, ORCID Marta Ilardo, Samantha Caccamo, ORCID Morena Cuconato, ORCID Pieter Bevelander, ORCID Haodong Qi, Jordi Giner, Marta Salinaro, Isadora Turnaj Elhart and Pascale Petit-Senechal

The access to housing and accommodation constitute the primary objective in this review, but employment, health, education, social participation are also taken into consideration. This literature review is devoted to inclusion policies in France, Italy, Spain and Sweden, as they
relate to civil rights, health, training, accommodation, and persistent barriers to inclusion. Migrant entrepreneursh...ip initiatives and the impact of civil society initiatives on inclusion are also analysed in the literature. Finally, the role of the NGOs as well as the administration and the private sector are scrutinized.


ID : 10.34847/nkl.d3ac0hcp/8149fe2a88db8902f3cbe273a18aefadef9f9a68

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Report on immigrants' inclusion policies across Europe
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Cascant, Eunice et al. (2021) «Review of integration / inclusion policies and initiatives in Europe» [Report] NAKALA.
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