Analysis of public policies related to immigrants' access to housing in Europe

Authors : Lauren Dixon, Eunice Cascant, ORCID Noemie Dominguez, maité pinchon, Catherine Mercier-Suissa, nancy ottaviano, Patricia Loncle, Emmanuelle Maunaye, Evamaria Hahn, Emily Mugel, Fransez Poisson, Carles Simò-Noguera, Ana Sales-Ten, Daniel Millor, Jorge Velasco-Mengod, Alicia Banyuls-Millet, Alexandra Bousiou, Chiara Pagano, ORCID Daniela Bolzani, ORCID Leonardo Corbo, Jordi Giner, Marta Salinaro, Pilar Serra Crespo and Valter Sandell-Maury

Given that access to adequate housing is a universal right and constitutes an important path towards integration in host societies, this second Word Paquet aims to review and analyze inclusion policies, placing special emphasis on those that guarantee or favor access to housing.

In order to achieve it, it has been divided in the following objectives:

• Review international agreements that co...ntemplate the right of access to housing within the United Nations.
• Review the agreements of the European Union in which the right of access to housing refers
• Analyze in the four partner countries of the project, to what extent access to housing for newcomers (immigrants and refugees) is considered and integrated into public policies at three levels:
- State laws such as immigration laws, laws for the integration of immigrants, reception laws for asylum seekers, etc.
- Regulations and norms established by regional governments that favor access to housing.
- Analyze the existence of local government policies with derived competencies in the area of housing.


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Dixon, Lauren et al. (2022) «Analysis of public policies related to immigrants' access to housing in Europe» [Report] NAKALA.
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