Alsatian - French - German multilingual lexicon linked to BabelNet synsets FR | EN

DOI : 10.34847/nkl.3f9b2i11 Public
Author : ORCID Delphine Bernhard

The lexicon was built by automatic alignment, following the method described in (Bernhard, 2014). The data for the lexicon was obtained from the following sources:
- OLCA: lexicons produced by the OLCA (Office pour la langue et les cultures d'Alsace et de Moselle,, with two variants for Bas-Rhin (OLCA-67) and Haut-Rhin (OLCA-68)
- WKT : lexicon available on the French ...Wiktionary (
- ACPA : lexicon published online by André Nisslé ( on the ACPA website (Association pour la Culture et le Patrimoine d'Alsace)
- Babelnet version 2.0 (

The lexicon is presented in the form of a CSV file whose fields are separated by tabs:
- Column 1 (Alsatian): list of forms in Alsatian, separated by a semi-colon. The sources of each form are indicated in square brackets.
- Column 2 (POS): part of speech (A = adjective, ADV = adverb, N = noun, V = verb)
- Column 3 (French): French translations, separated by a semicolon
- Column 4 (German): German translations, separated by a semicolon
- Column 5 (BabelNetId): identifier of the BabelNet synset
- Column 6 (Cosine): cosine (see article for details)

Warning. The lexicon has not been checked manually, so it is possible that there are some alignment errors among the records.

Bibliographic reference

Delphine Bernhard. Adding Dialectal Lexicalisations to Linked Open Data Resources: the Example of Alsatian. Proceedings of the Workshop on Collaboration and Computing for Under Resourced Languages in the Linked Open Data Era (CCURL 2014), May 2014, Reykjavík, Iceland. pp.23-29. ⟨hal-00966820⟩


ID : 10.34847/nkl.3f9b2i11/19288f69b7bf99cb1cca403b1146d8d1423b360c

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Bernhard, Delphine (2021) «Lexique multilingue alsacien – français – allemand relié aux synsets de BabelNet» [Dataset] NAKALA.
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