Le Néolithique ancien de la plaine de Nîmes (Gard, France)

DOI : 10.34847/nkl.0c675041 Public
Authors : Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, Sandrine Bonnardin, Laurent Bouby, ORCID Céline Bressy-Leandri, Laurent Bruxelles, Pascale Chevillot, ORCID Fabien Convertini, Isabel Figueiral, ORCID Claire Manen, Sophie MARTIN, Christelle Noret, ORCID Thomas Perrin, Pierre Séjalon, Éric Thirault and Julia Wattez

Evidence for early Neolithic settlements in southern France is still quite fragmentary and is most often limited to a few features or parts of structural remains. South of the town of Nîmes, in the Gard département, the increase in preventive archaeology fieldwork over the last two decades has led to the discovery of three quite well-preserved settlement sites, together with a dozen or so sites wi...th slighter traces of occupation. All these sites date to the Languedoc Epicardial, which approximately covers the period 5100-4800 BC.
The preservation of a soil horizon as well as subsoil features on these settlements enables spatial patterning to be examined. The artefacts recovered (pottery, flint, quartz, macrolithic tools, ornaments, ochre...) illustrate Epicardial material culture and its development over several centuries. Combined with sourcing of materials, analyses of botanical, faunal and snail assemblages illustrate how these sites relate to their territory and environment.
Lastly, the increase in trial trenching and preventive excavation now makes it possible to determine which parts of the region actually remained unoccupied. These sites thus provide a whole range of evidence enabling the space-time dynamics of settlement to be investigated at a regional scale.


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Version PDF de la monographie "Le Néolithique ancien de la plaine de Nîmes (Gard, France)" réalisée sous la direction de Thomas Perrin, Claire Manen et Pierre Séjalon et publiée en 2014 aux Archives d'Écologie Préhistorique (https://www.archeoaep.fr/?product=le-neolithique-ancien-de-la-plaine-de-nimes). La version papier est épuisée.
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Bellot-Gurlet, Ludovic ; Bonnardin, Sandrine ; Bouby, Laurent ; Bressy-Leandri, Céline ; Bruxelles, Laurent ; Chevillot, Pascale ; Convertini, Fabien ; Figueiral, Isabel ; Manen, Claire ; MARTIN, Sophie ; Noret, Christelle ; Perrin, Thomas ; Séjalon, Pierre ; Thirault, Éric ; Wattez, Julia (2023) «Le Néolithique ancien de la plaine de Nîmes (Gard, France)» [Book] NAKALA. https://doi.org/10.34847/nkl.0c675041
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